Caffe Club is an informal association of members who love coffee and want to be part of a group of people who have similar interest in coffee. As a Gaggia user you can benefit from being part of the caffe club.


Q. Why Should I become a member ?

  • A. to be part of a community of coffee lovers and learn more about coffee. You also benefit from discounts, training courses, extended warranties and help and advice.

  • Q.Can I trial it for a short period ?
  • A. Yes you can. We now have a monthly subscription. You will have limited benefits but it will still give you some of the basic benefits. Continuing with the membership opens up benefits like the extended warranty on your machines.

  • Q.How do I cancel the membership ?
  • A. Email us to let us know or cancel the direct debit instruction. As simple as that.

    You can become a member of the Caffe Club by the following actions :

    • By acquiring a GAGGIA Coffee machine from Caffe Shop Ltd or our Gaggia shops or from the participating Gaggia Specialists
    • By buying a Caffe Club Membership Package (Bronze, Silver or Gold) which allows you varying benefits of the Caffe Club.
    Membership is for a period of 1 year and is renewable. Some benefits are free to all members and others are discounted for members.

    We hope by joining the club you will benefit from our experience and our members experiences. We hope you will take advantage of your membership.Keep enjoying using your machine and enjoy the coffee.

    Gaggia Caffe Club Benefits

    Our barista training courses are conducted by our experienced team of baristas. For your convenience we have put together some dates in our shops and in our offices in Elland. Barista is an expert in making espresso and espresso based coffees and the course will take you through this step by step. You will learn about different coffees, about the importance of frothing milk correctly and also about maintaining your machine. [Duration : 2-3 hours]. Please Click Here for more details. Please fill in the form on the website or telephone us on 01422 372554 to enrol on the course

    Contact Us

    If you have any questions, you can call us on 01422 372554 during normal working hours, or you can chat online even during out of office hours with our chat line specialists. If they cannot provide the answers, they will ask the team to contact you during office hours.

    You can now subscribe for the Caffe Club Membership Monthly. We are always adding benefits to membership. We have introduced an extended warranty program for Gaggia, Saeco and Caffitaly machines purchased through us or from our retailers.

    By subscribing for the Caffe Club membership for more than 12 months, you will start to earn points that can be used towards your cost of repairs after your warranty runs out. This can be up to 200 in some instances. If you have enough points, you can also use them to get discounts on new machines when your machine is 5 years old and you want to buy a new machine.

    By subscribing monthly, you also can increase the discount you get on coffee, accessories and cleaning products to up to 20%.



    Gold Membership

    Caffe Club Benefits


    • 20% Discount on Coffee and Accesories
    • FREE Barista Training Course
    • Free Mocktail Evening
    • Free Accessory Kit
    • Quarterly Gift of Coffee and Cleaning pack
    • Free Help Line Advice
    • Discount on Parts
    • Discount on repairs
    • Invitation to events
    Cost 110