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We service and repair Gaggia, Saeco and Caffitaly domestic coffee machines. This page should give you all the details you will require for arranging a service or repair of your coffee machine. You can, if you wish, bring the machine to our service centre in Elland, West Yorkshire or take it to either of our shops in Castleford or Braintree. (If you are taking it to one of our shops, please parcel up as below before dropping off as we will be having it collected by our courier along with other items to bring it to us.) We can also arrange collection directly from your home or office.

Warranty Repairs

Charges for repairs and servicing are shown on this page. If you need to get a repair done under warranty, please check your warranty details supplied with your appliance. To get your machine repaired under warranty, you will need a proof of purchase to show that the machine is within the warranty period. Click here for more information

Please note customers who have a "Senseo" coffee machine should contact Philips on :- 02079490240 option 2


Our address is : Caffe Shop Ltd, Unit C, Old Power Way, Lowfields Business Park, Elland, HX5 9DE. You can use any carrier to send your machine to us but if it is easier for you, we could arrange for your machine's collection through our nominated carrier at a charge of £20 for packages weighing up to 15 Kilos (mainland UK). This also includes insurance cover for a consignment of £150. If you want to insure your machine for a higher value(which we would recommend where applicable), the additional cost will be £12 per consignment giving cover up to a value of £1000. To be able to claim on insurance, you will need to have packed the machine securely. Please see below for Packing advice.

The cost of returning your coffee machine to you is additional (not included in the collection/pick-up charge)(it is also not included in the service/repair charge) and costs £10.00 for mainland UK only. You can fill in the form below to arrange collection. The cost of servicing your coffee machine includes all minor parts only. If we need to replace other parts to repair your machine there will be an additional charge for which we will seek your approval before going ahead. (the cost of sending the machine back to you is not included).

Please insure your coffee machine.

Please do not send the following (unless the fault is with this part) :
  • Water tank
  • Drip tray
  • Lid(s)
  • Filter Holder
  • Power Cable
Other removable parts PLEASE INCLUDE the brew units on automatic machines.

Please include a note with your machine giving your name, address, telephone number (land-line and mobile to make it easier to contact you) and e-mail address (as a back-up) and a brief description of the problem.

You have to send the machine to us. (see above)

Packing your machine to send to us

Tape closed or in place any parts that open or can easily move eg. doors on automatic machines. All knobs and other parts should be secured firmly in place before wrapping in plenty/multiple layers of bubble wrap including the base of the machine. Line the base and sides of a strong box with more bubble wrap (or bubble pillows if available) before placing the bubble wrapped machine inside and fill any additional space with further bubble wrap so that the machine does not move. (Crumpled newspaper or cardboard is not suitable as this will not protect the machine if the box is knocked into, turned on it's side or turned upside-down as this will easily compress and not provide any protection. We have received a number of machines for a service that, because they were not packed with any or hardly any protective packing when sent to us, have suffered, and in some cases, very bad transit damage - dents to the body of the machine, parts broken, doors broken off, damaged hinges, broken chassis - and this could be your "pride and joy" coffee machine.) Check you have included your details within the wrapped package, if not include them now.

Please write our address as above on the outside of the box just in case the label the courier attaches comes off.

Turnaround time is approx 10-15 working days

Christmas cut-off date 4th of December

Service Costs (including seals and minor parts only)

Automatic Machines £130 (or £155 for twin boiler models)
If your machine is under 2 years old, we charge a reduced fee for servicing your machine :
Within 12 months of purchase £70
Between 12 months and 24 months £85

Manual Machines £85 ( or £100 for twin boiler models)
If your machine is under 2 years old, we charge a reduced fee for servicing your machine :
Within 12 months of purchase £50
Between 12 months and 24 months £60
Gran and Cubika £60

Descaling £25

Inspection Charge

We charge £25, inspection charge, at the time of collecting the machine. This will be deducted from the service cost, when the machine service is completed. If work cannot be carried out for any reason, for example the customer does not want the repair carried out or the machine is beyond repair, the £25 inspection charge cannot be refunded.

Labour Charges

If you only want a repair carried out, the charges will be as follows : 1st half hour : £25.00, 2nd half hour and every half hour thereafter : £15.00
Parts used will be charged for separately. The repair carried out on this basis will not include a service.

Can You Give me Advice on a Professional Machine ?

Professional Machines

Gaggia produces a number of different commercial coffee machines each with different features so if you are looking for a coffee machine for an office, a coffee shop or a restaurant - large or small, we have a range of machines we can offer.

Please have a look at the coffee machines we have and then either fill in the form on the "Contact Us" page with a brief outline of what your requirements are / might be, or if it is easier please give us a call on 01422 372554, and we will get back to you with a shortlist of machines that will fulfil your criteria and help you come up with the best solution to fit your requirements.

Alongside helping you find the right coffee machine we also can offer you "Gaggia" coffee blended for the Italian taste or other premium coffees together with a wide range of accessories. (see below - Coffee and Accessories)

Quick Set Up

Quick Set Up

Always read your instruction manual. The following is only a quick set up guide, if you are familiar with the operation of Espresso Machines.

  • Insert Tank and ensure tubes (on some models) are in place
  • Insert Drip Tray
  • Attach frother attachment
  • Fill Water Tank
  • Connect Cable
  • Switch on Machine
  • Priming of the Machine
  • Put a cup or jug under the steam arm
  • Place cup under Brew head
  • Open Steam Arm using the steam knob
  • Press Coffee Button [on manual machines] this will dispense water through the steam arm
  • Collect a cup of water
  • While water is running, close steam arm
  • Water should come through brew head [on manual machines]
  • Collect half a cup through brew head [on manual machines]
  • Machine is ready for use.
  • Fill ground coffee (finely ground) in filter basket and fit to machine and brew coffee. [on manual machines]
  • Remove the brew handle (filter holder) and empty dregs [ on manual machines]. DO NOT leave coffee in brew handle when you are steaming milk
  • Switch the steam button on, for steaming milk.
  • Clean the wand immediately after steaming milk
  • Release remaining steam through steam wand purge water through steam arm by pressing the coffee button while the steam wand is still open. Then close steam knob and run water through brew head.
  • You are now ready for the next coffee.

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